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A Rare Skin Cancer is on the Rise

Merkel cell carcinoma is increasingly common and very aggressive, and requires a comprehensive treatment approach.
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Cancer Care on Trial

Today’s clinical trials help future patients receive the latest treatment options.

Make It Your Best Year

When you take a realistic approach, all your health goals are within reach.

Germ Warfare

A robot uses intense UV light to kill pathogens in hospital.

A New Look After Breast Cancer Surgery

Some women can opt for lumpectomy combined with cosmetic breast shaping.

A Call for More Mammography

Breast cancer expert says recent guidelines are insufficient.

Shaping the Future of Breast Care

Today’s clinical trials help the next generation of cancer survivors.

New Treatments for Old Knees

Cartilage transplants return patients to active lifestyles.

A New Era in Diabetes Care

Major medical groups now endorse bariatric surgery to treat the disease.

Too Much Weight, Too Little Sleep

Being overweight is a risk factor for sleep apnea.

The Art of Healing

Creative outlets help patients cope with cancer treatment.